the most wonderful tiiiime of the year

Not Christmas (although I do love me some Christmas). We’re talking fall. Autumn. Leaves falling. Temperatures crisp but not frigid. Cider. College football games and tailgaiting. Pumpkin flavored goodies. Turkey (tryptophan!). Wonderful. Sadly, New York City doesn’t have the number of trees you would encounter in other locations and fall is sadly here and gone seemingly before you realize it. Last weekend though I went to see the Army/Airforce football game at West Point. And we found fall!! It was perfect – not as cool as it had been. Sunny. Just right.

Love it!


2 thoughts on “the most wonderful tiiiime of the year

  1. My Aunt lives fairly close to West Point – I always loved going there in the fall – gorgeous!

    (I thought this was going to be a Christmas post, and I was going to have to virtually shake you!!!)

  2. i took a ride on the bus this morning and i was awestruck by the beauty of central park. it’s my 3rd autumn here and I still feel all warm and gushy inside at the sight of the leaves turning.

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