back in the district

I have to say, of the multiple methods I have taken to try to travel via bus between NYC and DC, today’s BoltBus experience would be the best. Bravo! There was of course the inevitable traffic between Baltimore and DC which makes me thankful I don’t sit behind a wheel anymore. And tired me slept the whole way almost rather than working on my writing for NaNoWriMo (baaaad me, but the sleep was mighty fine).

Tonight was just what I needed though. I met Rio for dinner at this new restaurant close to Metro Center called Co Co Sala. I don’t think I could have imagined such a place. Every dish involved chocolate! One of his dishes even had a piece of the much hyped chocolate covered bacon. Apparently it’s “all the rave” in the NYC restaurant scene, but it’s something I’d never tried. Love bacon. Looooove chocolate? But chocolate and bacon? Well, verdict is pretty darn delicious! Weird though, right?

All of their dishes though had chocolate somewhat figured in, even if in only a small role. I had a manchego salad which had this coffee vinagrette which had a slight hint of chocolate. I had a swordfish slider whose accompanying sauce had a white chocolate tinge to it. And the shrimp mac ‘n cheese? Ah-may-zing. It’s the only one I can’t figure out where the chocolate was?!?

For dessert, it was like a sampling of options with four different sets to choose from. We opted for the Mexican one. First round was two thin churro sticks with an accompanying dulce de leche sauce. Next it was the molten lava cake, which had that additional Mexican spice umph to it, some espresso ice cream and a small glass of Kahlua. Finally, there was a Mexican wedding cookie which came with a small glass of horchata.

Oh and not to be forgotten was the mojito – with chocolate infused vodka and chocolate shavings of course. Regular mojitos have henceforth been spoiled.

But here I go, off track on food when this trip is all about the people. It was great to have the opportunity to catch up. And then I was off to meet up with the Tour Guide who as luck would have it now lives with her fiance in my old apartment building in Dupont. I’m in their spare room (nicknamed the “man den”) in their apartment. I swear, I think their apartment could easily hold three of mine if not more. What a nice change of pace for a weekend!


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