today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 10:39 pumpkin spice scone from the union sq green market. divine. can deal w/ fri now 😉
  • 13:34 big yawn. waiting to board bus to dc and just trying to stay awake to not miss it.
  • 14:33 sooo sleepy. annoyed outlets in bus are broken, but kind of excited that once battery dies? NAPTIME!!!
  • 14:59 traffic is horrid and people talking loudly on their cell phones surrounded by silence make me think all dc bound morons are on here w/ me.
  • 16:22 so cold on bus. 65 miles outside of baltimore.
  • 16:58 24 miles to baltimore. so ready to get off of bus! brrrrr
  • 18:18 awww i miss my dog. ready for her to come back, pronto.
  • 18:44 almost in dc. passed a checkers en route. sounds pretty darn good about now, but better dinner in store!

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