longing for lauriol

It’s pretty bad, but the main spots I wanted to hit up on my DC trip were restaurants – two former DC staples of mine. One is Lauriol Plaza, a monstrous three floor Mexican restaurant between Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan known for it’s smokey salsa, light crispy chips, fabulous margaritas, and horrifically long lines. The other spot was Kramerbooks, an eclectic bookstore in Dupont Circle where you’re likely to come out with a random book in hand and having eaten way too much food over brunch. Both involve waits. Commitments. And so this time, it was all low key time with friends with these two spots mixed in to the plans as essentials.

I have to say, Lauriol Plaza didn’t disappoint. The Tour Guide’s old roommate even came out to join us. As she’s usually traveling, that was quite a nice surprise! We tried out a new spot just South of the circle, James Hoban’s, the new bar located where this random trying-waaaaaay-too-hard wanna-be-South-Beach-bar called Cloud had been. The layout was roomy and there were plenty of tables as to ensure you wouldn’t be stuck standing up all night. Perfect!

This morning it was off to Kramerbooks, where thankfully MsH was able to come join the Tour Guide and I for a nice leisurely brunch. They seated us upstairs where we were more removed from the chaos of those in line downstairs and were able to catch up. Before I knew it though, we were making a quick shopping run up the street and I was grabbing my duffel bag to run for the bus.

Quick weekend. Went way too fast. But I’m glad to be heading home at a decent hour. Ready for my bed. And to (oh my) gear up for planning and shopping for my housewarming party this upcoming weekend. It was definitely comforting though to return to DC in such familiar surroundings. Always refreshing when multiple locations truly never cease to feel like “home”.


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