little bit of history repeating

Ever heard that Propellerheads song (featuring Miss Shirley Bassey)? Love it. So good.

But that’s totally what I feel like. I’ve been sorting through my old emails as I pull together this memoir. I’m up to over 19,000 words, which is such an accomplishment and back to well ahead of where I should be today. And it never ceases to fascinate me all of the details I’ve forgotten and how much better this quilt becomes when you throw in the full spread of available patches.

I’m in a big tea house in the Village, surrounded by a group of fellow NaNoWriMo participants. Lots are chatting now that we’re past the 9PM window, but I’ve kind of been in my own zone tonight. It’s just been rolling.

I think it’s a continuation of today’s work speed, which was on and ridiculous full speed ahead. And tomorrow promises more. I’m happy I’m busy at work. I’m happy that I’m churning out some serious writing. And now, I’m happy I’m off to the subway to crash in my bed.

Productive day… productive night. Fabulous day.


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