i miss my dog :(

dixie + belle
Originally uploaded by district.belle

A week from Saturday, Dixie’s coming home. I’m excited. I can’t wait. I miss having her waiting for me when I come home. I love how she squats down on all fours, scoots back, and wags her tail out of excitement. It’s like she’s gearing up to run to me and commence the mass licking. Oh I love it…

I am sad she’ll be losing her companion. She’s been getting used to my Dad walking her with Belle (their dog). She’s gotten used to running around in their massive backyard (by Manhattan standards). I need to get back into taking her to play groups and such so she doesn’t feel like a lonely pup as a result of her return.

She’s ready for winter though. My mom found a cute pink and brown jacket for her that’s even been since customized so you can pull her collar through it. She’ll be ready to scurry the streets in even the coldest of weather with her nosy little nose.

Which is why I’m back to scrubbing duty tonight. Gotta make sure all of those metal shavings and nails and such are off of the floors. Because we all know everything that’s out anywhere reachable? It’s clearly there for little Dixie…


2 thoughts on “i miss my dog :(

  1. I know – I am sooooo excited!! I feel like I’ve made such a big deal over seeing Dix that my parents might not know I’m really excited to see them too. It’ll be nice to not come home to an empty apartment anymore though. That’s so nice.

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