today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 00:32 thawing in cab. it’s a van cab meant for wheelchairs. i feel um odd back in this thing!!
  • 00:41 well, i think last night’s "cold spell" in this apt has been rectified. it’s sauna? game on!
  • 07:33 wow just saw a wreck because a bum walked out into oncoming traffic. how on earth does insurance rule that for causality??
  • 11:03 this day is flying by. oh, finally went to dentist. yay cavity free 🙂
  • 12:34 writing away at lunch. gotta get back on track from day off from #NaNoWriMo…
  • 13:18 at 20,036 for #NaNoWriMo after writing through lunch. woohoo!
  • 13:34 eww. ok think someone’s eating spam. my cube smells wretched. not showing love to your co-workers (or your internal organs, for that matter)
  • 18:20 waiting in crazy line @ trader joe’s with round 1 of stuff for the housewarming.
  • 22:56 i now have a lifetime supply of white covered chocolate pretzels. dish one down for housewarming!
  • 23:12 downing some emergen-c. i’m quickly becoming a big fan/believer.

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