fall at the green market

I’ve seen so many beautiful floral arrangements at the Union Square Green Market, so I decided that clearly was the place I should get an arrangement for my party. Did they have anything on Saturday afternoon? No… which is why I waited in the monster line at Trader Joe’s to snag one of their arrangements.

But it was such an unusually warm November day that I had to walk around and check out all of the fall produce. Ahhhh. It was lovely. We might not have a ton of trees with their leaves changing colors, but scenes like these help to maintain touch with the season that seems to run into and out of Manhattan.


2 thoughts on “fall at the green market

  1. okay, somehow in the zillion times I’ve been to nyc, I’ve never been to union square. horrendous, I know! this must change!

  2. Yes you have to check it out! They are also now setting up the holiday vendor area, so it’ll actually cover the full space around Union Square. I’m excited — it’s such a fun time to be around that area.

    *When* (not if, haha) you go, you have to get some of the hot pear cider and an apple cider donut. So good!

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