dish buzz: d.o.c. wine bar

D. O. C. Wine Bar, Williamsburg

Having only ever pursued the likes of Bedford Avenue, I decided to venture a bit East to check out some of the area’s other offerings. Sadly, the place I wanted to hit up was closed at 9pm on a Tuesday night. I’d jotted down a plan B option and headed further East. Along the way, on North 7th, I came across a subtle place at the intersection of Wyeth and 7th. There was no sign out front, but I could see lots of people seated inside faintly visible due to a pervasive candle glow. Little did I know I’d ended up at plan B anyhow, D. O. C.

Wine List, D. O. C. Wine BarIt had been a while since I’d dined out so late alone, but the atmosphere would make you at home instantaneously – whether on an awkward date, surrounded with your best friends, or dining solo like yours truly. Being a wine bar, they had a wide range. Sizes went from a taste to a glass to a quartino to a bottle. The glasses were mostly $8-$11 and the bottles ranged from around $50-$110. I would say their red selection definitely outweighed their white selection. Their featured wine of the day, a Cabernet Franc, weighed in at $9.50 a glass and proved to be an excellent accompaniment to the meal.

The restaurant felt almost as if you’d been invited into someone’s home. The tables were cozy, yet not cramped. The kitchen area was small, faintly visible behind a tastefully selected tan colored thick laced curtain. The decor was simple – walls with simplistic bread baskets and other knick knacks as the only items to provide a subtle accent.

Their menu was divided into cheese tastings, meat tastings, salads, paninis, and crostinis. Had I not been solo, there were quite a few cheeses I would have loved to have sampled. Next time. Likewise, if I had more cash in hand, as an important thing to note is D. O. C. is cash only. Instead I opted for their Budoni panini, which was prosciutto crudo, eggplant, and fontina cheese. Not an avid fan of prosciutto, I was curious to assess their quality. I often find places don’t get it quite right… too chewy, too salty, just not right.

Budoni Panini, D. O. C.The panini was a perfect size for me, although I will admit that someone famished looking for a hearty meal might have wanted something additional to supplement. The prosciutto was not too chewy or stringy. Just right. The saltiness was just ever so slight, and shined through after taking a sip of the Cab Franc. The fontina was served just at that perfect warm consistency where it wasn’t runny, but just seemed to meld into the bread itself. For a small simplistic panini, I couldn’t have been more impressed.

It’s a rather small place. Probably not ideal for a super large group. But otherwise, I’d say this is a great place if you want somewhere to catch up with an old friend, or if you just want to pull up a seat at the bar and try it out solo. Definitely one you could easily walk right on by, and one it would be a shame if you weren’t to opt to stop on in.

D. O. C. – 83 North 7th Street at Wyeth Avenue, Williamsburg – 718.963.1925 – Cash Only


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