sunshine on a cloudy day

I need to download more music. Lots more music. I’ve been spending some serious quality time with my iPod as of late at work. Work’s a little stressful. A lot of stressful. I think anyone working in New York will tell you it’s pretty somber. But it’s even harder when people are chattering around you, hashing and rehashing every little thing.

But last Friday as I returned home with one killer migraine that lasted well until 6:30am on Saturday, I decided I couldn’t take it any more. I respect people have their own way of dealing with things, but when I’m at work I want to be focused since we’re pretty darn busy. I’m choosing to do my job well… to focus on the positive… and so I’ll keep it on repeat on shuffle. And if I slip up and sing along, it’ll just be lost somewhere amidst all the chatter anyhow…

Did I mention thank goodness it’s almost Friday, next week’s a holiday, I’m off on Friday, my parents are coming, and Dixie is returning? I see the sunshine peeping through.


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