patting myself on the back

Nothing like a little extra motivation to get you going on a deadline, right? National Novel Writing Month’s end is fast approaching, with tomorrow, November 30th, being the deadline to complete your 50,000 words required to “win” the challenge. I was close. So close… just over 46k beginning the day.

BUT today at 3:30 is the big UF/FSU game. And I knew I wanted to go… but first, I had to walk the dog. Get her settled into it being just lil’ ol’ me here to entertain me, my parents having left out bright and early at 6am today. And I knew I didn’t want to have to write much tomorrow, having plans to finally make it out to ice skate as I’ve wanted to since last year and then a movie. No time to crunch through those final words tomorrow…

So I was determined today I was going to do it. Granted, some of this stuff towards the end is probably not my finest. But I’m learning the most important thing in a memoir is to get the order down and then to make it pretty. Isn’t that what the revision process is for anyhow? And there’s more to be written. Draft number one is far from done, but I’ve finished up ’til this hurdle. Now I’m off to eat a little smidge of Thanksgiving leftovers and get ready for some fine SEC football.

But I thought it was time for a little virtual “GO ME” dance. Woohoo!!


7 thoughts on “patting myself on the back

  1. You’re awesome!!!!! I kind of… ahem, “shelved” my project for later, but you’ve impressed me! That’s really wonderful, and I would love to read an excerpt sometime :o)

  2. You SHOULD pat yourself on the back! You’ve done a lot of work this month, so who cares if you reach some random, pre-determined number? You rock!

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