today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 22:25 back from cookie xch in brooklyn. way soaked, cold, & full of sugar.
  • 22:26 don’t watch er but maybe should. ohhhh uncle jessie – how i’ve missed you…
  • 06:35 pumpkin oatmeal chic chip, "thumbprint", peanut butter & choc covered pretzels. recipes soon @
  • 09:35 surf over to & check out my review as well as the blog redesign!!
  • 13:11 i wish the weather understood that i want to wear dresses this weekend. enough of this cold and rainy business! blahhh.
  • 13:43 "i’m not sorry… it’s human nature…" – love Madonna
  • 14:53 james blunt’s "goodbye my lover" is such a sad sad song. haunting. love it.
  • 17:55 home freshening up & changing. just wish outdoor temps were a notch larger numerically…

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