today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 13:00 trying to catch up on the blog reader. um majorly behind. sort of on par with my christmas shopping, or lack thereof
  • 16:29 yikes – just realized next draft due out to writing group next tuesday. better get going on that…
  • 16:54 anyone know if duane reade/etc has festive, & silly holiday stuff such as oh say reindeer antlers that light up? you know. important stuff.
  • 18:16 was going to do some christmas shopping but eh… too cold, so scratch that!
  • 19:03 found my reindeer ears. so ready for party hopping tomorrow night.
  • 19:04 sounds like rain/snow/whatever will be gone midday tomorrow which means ice skating w/ co-workers tomorrow afternoon? should be on. yay!
  • 20:28 cleaning apartment like crazy. feels way too much like an excavation.
  • 20:30 watching "the bucket list". odd to see jack nicholson acting his age…

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