today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 21:56 dude, just saw "the city" being filmed on east 1st and houston. too funny.
  • 23:32 was just told my reindeer antlers function like handles. hmmmmm…
  • 00:14 i think i will just wear blinking reindeer antlers daily. why not? who says cheer can’t come as a daily dose, right?
  • 11:45 busy busy… so wanna catch that crack o’ dawn flight out tomorrow so means one less day to get work done now pre- vacation.
  • 18:02 stuck on hold with airline to rebook my already cancelled flight. gotta (not) love wintry holiday travel.
  • 18:18 i’m rooting for my e-ticket rep who’s going to battle for me for available flights. waiting for response…
  • 18:23 on hold listening to "sleigh ride". just talked about that lovely wintry weather. oh irony…

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