today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 22:14 dixie has finally stopped burrowing in my lap and is now peacefully curled up. must relish this. won’t last…
  • 22:33 is it actually snowing again in nyc?
  • 23:38 thx all for the northern weather update. now that i’m back in bama with the family, hard to keep up. ironically, same temp in nyc as here.
  • 13:35 if only i’d brought clothes for oh say 17 degree weather. but alas, i did not. rumor is some await me under the tree, but no help now! 😦
  • 13:36 reception in my parents house gets 1 of 5 stars. upside to going shopping is perhaps connectivity will return. am actually on a desktop?!?
  • 14:38 hmmmm dunno. bacon bourbon brownies?? not quite sold…
  • 14:40 wow. almost witnessed a drive-by-clawing over pump position at wal-mart’s gas station. gotta love that!
  • 18:59 went shopping. didn’t see much… only ended up cashing in on mom’s massive credits at used book store.
  • 20:35 3g network in my parent’s neighborhood? major fail. can’t get phone calls. super annoying.

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