today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 21:11 so over at&t customer service right now. ugh!!!
  • 21:22 i have one pooped pup in my lap at the moment. she’s all stressed out from the arrival of my sister’s cat.
  • 00:07 sleepy. fabulous homemade pizza and homemade CINNAMON pizza… then sister’s birthday cake. how’s that for a well-rounded meal?
  • 00:09 helping friend on recs for hotels in HUNTSVILLE for her impromptu cross-country drive. so funny. may be seeing her on my turf shortly hah!
  • 00:09 i think this is first time since coming home that i’m up past 10:30. might be crashing. perhaps all of the sugar is what’s doing me in.
  • 00:35 love central time zone when it comes to late night tv. much more convenient.
  • 09:40 i was sleeping soooo well, but dixie had to go potty. awake am i. gonna help mom with making homemade cheese danish. yum!
  • 10:05 i’m watching dixie run around the house, chasing my parent’s dog, belle. she’s having a blast puppin’ around the house (& christmas tree!)
  • 11:20 has anyone else been having problems with the facebook app on iPhone? this morning it’s le sucking!!!
  • 11:58 my dad is converting my vhs collection to dvds. love dad! so far, “cutting edge”, “tori amos – little earthquakes”, and “grease”.
  • 11:59 next up? “good will hunting”. i love looking at matt damon. why, hello there…
  • 12:09 helping mom make her christmas usual – homemade cheese danish. recipe calls it “czechoslovakian kolachy”. i call it good…
  • 12:14 dixie, my algae eater, is praying for just a smudge of kolachy to drop… but alas, no such luck!
  • 13:32 still laughing about old pics i found in my room at my parent’s house. contemplating scanning and sharing. just too funny. oh the bangs!!
  • 15:48 mom’s divulging the contents of the stockings!!
  • 16:22 cheese danish are out. oh myyyyy…

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