2008: a moment of truth

As always, the 31st is the proper time to dust off those ’08 resolutions and see how I fared. Pass? Fail? Let’s see..

1) Keep up with my ballet classes and perhaps even enroll in some at a real dance studio versus the gym.

Oooooh. This is a half-sie if I’ve seen one yet. I was going to ballet classes regularly at a dance studio I love in the West Village and even another studio on the West Side … up until Miss Dixie arrived in May, when my schedule became ehem a tad altered. I’d say half credit here. Does chasing around a 5 pound pup count as substitution for full credit?

2) Have the initial draft of my book completed by the end of 2008.

I’m giving myself credit on this one. I finished the 50,000 words worth for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). I have a little more to fill out each chapter and lots of revising to be done, but that’s what my writing group and 2009 are for. Big check here.

3) Make at least two trips down to see my friends in DC. I promise promise promise!

This is funny. I didn’t know this was my resolution. Ironically, I did make exactly two trips South inside the District lines. Hope to be able to do the same in 2009, and I’ve sure been blessed by many of my friends there opting to head North to see myself (and Dix).

4) Sleep more. LOTS more.

Um this would be a big fat FAIL. Unless we count the sleep time in Alabama and don’t hold the lack of sleep though that Friday and Saturday against the “Bama induced surplus”.

5) Give up, or at least scale back, the amount of Diet Coke I’m inhaling and instead substitute the fabulous FREE bottles of water sitting around our office. (See, not only is it better for me with all the walking one does in the city, but it’s a money saver!)

Ooops. Fail. But to be fair, we no longer have free bottles of water at work (hello recession – gracias). I have been pretty good to sticking to fountain soda only, since I have to reaaaaaally want it enough to leave my cubicle and walk across the street – which is a big deal with the evil chilly wind that comes off of the water down by my office.

6) Get back into my photography (especially once winter passes) and build back up my photo site.

Fail. I’ve gotten distracted in focusing on my writing, and my photography has suffered as of late. I do have some fabulous photos from my trip to Montreal which have yet to see the light of day and I really need to dust off my camera and set off on foot to take advantage of the beauty of the city.

7) Cook more. (It honestly won’t take doing too much here to qualify sadly – haha)

Yeah fail, fail, FAIL. I have checked out some fantastic restaurants though!! I need to post a comprehensive listing of 2008 in restaurants. I like that idea… coming soon 😉

Hmmmm so didn’t quite fare as well as I’d hoped. 2.5 out of 7. That’s a shining success rate of a whopping 35.71%. Glad that wasn’t my grade in college… hard to care much when it was a pretty good year overall. And now it’s snowing outside. Pretty fluffy flakes (or at least they were when I came in this morning). I’m still thinking on 2009’s resolutions. And trying to decide what to wear tonight (a more pressing concern) for a friend’s New Year’s Eve party.

What are your plans for NYE?


One thought on “2008: a moment of truth

  1. In your defense, though, you had quite an ambitious list! How can we gals who work full-time and also have a social life be expected to do so many things? 🙂

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