2008: year in review

Are we really on the cusp of 2009? It seems early. Waaaay to early. But, here we are. I love this, cause this is when I look back through my posts and see what the heck it was I did all of 2008 which kept me running in circles. So let’s see…

In January, Tam and I rung in ’08 with a bang with a bunch of strangers (including one guy we’ve since named Vladimir – since he was in from Russia, it works) listening to fabulous songs such as “The Final Countdown” (clearly) at Zum Schneider. Angelina and I went and saw the SNL performers and writers do stand-up during the writer’s strike. That Darryl Hammond… dude, you should learn that painkillers and alcohol are not an ideal combo prior to a performance. I’m not lecturing… I’m just saying…

With February, I finally got the chance to hang out with Holl and welcome her to the area. She agrees, NYC is far superior to South FL. Tam and I threw a big brunch in my old midtown pad, complete with Southern faves like cheese grits. Delish. MsH came to visit, and I finally got to see Wicked. Totally worth those way too expensive tickets. We also bid farewell to my middle school band director, Tom Mitchell – a fine man who will be greatly missed. And I went to see a live performance of the ENTIRE Johnny Cash Live at Folsom Prison album – in Brooklyn, of all places.

March began with a lot of familiar faces coming into town for a girl’s weekend celebrating Sassy’s 30th birthday in style. I clashed with my wanna-be porn star neighbor, who I definitely do not miss, but also made friends with a clothing designer living in my building. And after having read the book back in middle school and listened to the songs for forever, I finally saw Phantom of the Opera – and it did not disappoint. I also saw none other than A. C. Slater (ok technically Mario Lopez). Finally a celebrity sighting I appreciated!

In April, I met Jennifer Weiner, who provided some inspirational words on writing much needed by yours truly. I also made my first return trip to DC post-NYC move. It was so good to catch up and be back within District lines – on the Hill even at that. I got the chance to do some cool ballet partner work. I also started writing a weekly food column for Neighborbee blog. Tam, SB, and I went and saw Kate Nash at Webster Hall, and learned that shoulder pads can still be socially acceptable (perhaps?). I signed up for a memoir writing class through the Gotham Writer’s workshop. And after YEARS of waiting, I decided to get a puppy, with my parents snagging me a 10 week Yorkie from Bama.

In May, I met another one of my favorite authors, Jenn Lancaster, and didn’t let an allergic reaction to mushrooms (ick!) keep me from staying and meeting her. Her books? Hilarious. If you’ve never read them, I highly suggest you give them a go, starting with Bitter is the New Black. I returned back to AL to bring back my little pup, Dixie. The Tour Guide came in for a visit from DC.

June brought lots of frustrating and sometimes humorous experiences in trying to get little Dix acclimated. Mag also came up from DC for the weekend for Mississippi in the Park, which meant great live music and fine iced tea from McAllisters. After many trips to Europe and Latin America, I finally made my way to one of our neighbors, Canada. My family and I drove up for several days, pup in tow. Our trip included a stop in Vermont to my favorite, Ben & Jerry’s. Drool. And Dixie lost her baby teeth – she’s becoming a lady.

The Fashionista came in from DC to celebrate the 4th of July. I went to the first of what wasn’t supposed to be two shows (I’m not complaining, much…) of Billy Joel’s “Last Play at Shea”. Amazing. And at least he apologized. Kudos, William. I enrolled Dixie in “Puppy Kindergarten” so she could become more well mannered. And I won and lost some battles there. MsH also returned for another visit.

I spent weekends for the month of August in Bridgehampton, and learned the LIRR and that so long as it’s not South FL, I do like beaches. Beautiful sunsets are a nice complement to the concrete craziness of Manhattan. And little Dix became a proud graduate of “puppy kindergarten” and was excited to meet DrP during her long weekend visit back up.

I made the hike out to Bed-Stuy to visit Angelina’s pad in September. I celebrated my birthday in style, hosting a big group of girlfriends in my alcove studio for the occasion. I even managed to successfully ride a mechanical bull that evening. Yeehaw! I put Dixie in doggie daycare to keep her from daytime barking (and us from being evicted) as I found my new place.

October meant settling into my new place and temporarily sending Dix back to AL as I unpacked. Tam and I headed back to Webster Hall, this time to see Duffy. And of course it wouldn’t be October without Halloween – my personal favorite. This year I ended up with the award for “naughtiest costume”. Miss Alabama here doesn’t know why.

November I signed up for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) to kickstart the memoir I had hoped to have wrapped up by the end of the year – and had yet to start. And then, of course, there was the election night. No sleep that night – what a night. What a night to be roaming the streets of NYC. I made it out of the city for an Army football game at West Point and was able to see some of that lush autumn foliage I miss oh so much. I made my second visit of the year back to DC and had a lovely low-key weekend of friends and old faves in the Dupont Circle area. I had my housewarming party and successfully completed the 50,000 words to be a “winner” for NaNoWriMo. My family came to my place again for Thanksgiving and this time there were no turkey-related fiascos.

December was busy, as always. So much that there aren’t a ton of posts here. There were countless holiday parties followed by Dixie and I heading out for some much needed downtime in AL and the comfort of family holiday traditions. After more than a week, I still felt more vacation time was needed. Spending so much time with friends and family reminded me of what I love so much about the South, and truly made me homesick for probably the first time I can remember since I don’t know when. (I haven’t blogged much about about the holidays … more coming)

It’s been a busy year. A packed year. Who knows what lies ahead for 2009. But I feel blessed to have met so many great new people, reconnected with some old familiar faces, and of course maintained those strong important ties with those I’ve met along the way and continue to stay in touch with. Aside from the cold wintry weather of January and February, I can’t wait to see what’s in store.


One thought on “2008: year in review

  1. A week is never enough time to be home, especially during the holidays.

    Very fun post!! I also can’t believe 2009 is…gulp…tomorrow!

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