today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 21:11 dawson’s creek is cracking me up. on second disc of season 1. lolololol…
  • 18:17 love how dixie looks at me with helpless eyes when she knocks her toy off the futon. cause cleeeearly she can’t recover it.
  • 19:15 gave dixie my last piece of chicken from my crepe. that’s love there – cause it was a mighty fine crepe…
  • 19:19 wow, news saying 25% of retail chains are estimated to claim bankruptcy this year. awful.
  • 19:27 almost 40 degrees tomorrow. heat wave! (can you tell i’m watching the news??)
  • 19:28 comment on the news though was that people should spend those gift cards before the retailers potentially went out of business. wise words!
  • 20:12 sugar bowl-ing and playing fetch, simultaneously

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