dixie diaries – missing belle

I always feel a little sad bringing little Dixie back from Alabama since she loses her playmate. She and my parent’s dog, Belle, just have a blast – running in circles until Dixie collapses into a heap, tongue dragging the floor. But she loves it. Oh she loves it. And she has no clue nor does she care that she’s a third of Belle’s size.

dixie and belle – back yard frolick from LJ on Vimeo.

If you can endure my switching the camera around (don’t want to make anyone nauseous!) you can see them romping around my parent’s backyard. Dixie’s hard to catch in action, so I’ve learned to take what I can get. Of course, you’ll notice she keeps gnawing on the grass. I think someone forgot to tell her she’s not a cow?!?

Dixie and Belle – Circles en La Cocina from LJ on Vimeo.

And here they are running through my parent’s kitchen (like five times the size of mine) through their hallway through the living room, and back around. The funny thing about Dixie is she gets tired and she’ll collapse – and so then Belle will do the same. But just as soon as Belle gives up, my lil’ rascal will go and grab her beard, tugging as if to say “game on”. Occasionally she starts to make this ultra high pitched squeal as if she’s trying to scream that someone’s out to take her life. Yeah Dixie, we’re on to you. You’re no angel… but I’ll keep you just the same.

And so it’s no wonder that tonight as I’m trying to study, little one’s wanting more. I threw her sheep up and down my little sad hallway, where she flew up and down the runway bringing it back and forth – playing fetch quite well for her actually. She has a tendency to not know when it’s time to let go. Sort of makes fetch a tad challenging.

Someday maybe I’ll have room for her. Maybe she’ll be somewhere that she can have a grass. In the meantime, laps in the narrow hallway it will be. And her source of entertainment? Ta da! Yours truly will have to do. I said I didn’t want a boring dog – definitely got what I asked for 🙂


2 thoughts on “dixie diaries – missing belle

  1. Awww, I love the 2nd video – it’s too funny to see her go racing through the frame!

    You know…you could get another dog so she’d have a playmate… 🙂

  2. Haha thanks! Proof as to why photographs are a challenge 🙂

    She’d love the company of another dig, but there’s definitely not enough room in my tiny place. She’ll have to settle for puppy play groups and the dog runs!

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