it’s great to be a florida gator!

So I’ve intentionally had a fairly low-key week. I just needed a mellow one after New Year’s and such. However, I did opt for an exception on Thursday for the big National Championship game. I left out of work early on Thursday in order to be at the Town Tavern in Greenwich Village by 5:30. Plenty of time to get settled and get our table, seeing as we had a reservation, right? Wrong…

It’s nice to have a large alumni group in the city. There is always something going on. There are tons of new faces to potentially meet. And they do a ton of different things apart from the important game-viewing – from intramural teams, ski trips, etc. The alumni group for Mississippi State is a bit smaller, so I was excited to get involved with such a large group. However, I’m learning the downside. There were three different locations to view Thursday’s big game. We were told that all the venues required reservations through the alumni group, so we made them at the biggest of the three venues.

I arrived in though to find out that the Town Tavern doesn’t do reservations with the alumni group – you have to make them with them directly. Hmmmm – would you say the alumni group is gifted when it comes to planning capabilities? Not so much. The crisis was averted though since we’d gotten there so early. I was the second one to come in to find this situation and to be told all tables in the entire place were booked and had been so for weeks. Since I oh asked every single worker what was up and kept pushing my face in front of them, we ended up being one of three groups they squeezed into a table upstairs. Success! And nothing against the Town Tavern. I’ll say our server was hands down amazing. In a crazy sea of people, she was able to maneuver back and forth, only neededing to bark out “MOVE!” and we’d watch an instantaneous divide form.

What a game. Not sure if you saw it, but I’d say it definitely didn’t go the way it was predicted. UF was predicted to come out ahead, but it was anticipated to be a high-scoring game. Not that 24-14 is I guess ridiculously low-scoring, but definitely not high-scoring. And of course, we ended up with the only people who did not go to UF randomly across from us at the table. They were mostly still in college and had apparently just randomly wandered off of the street, clueless to the fact that they’d stumbled into one of the official viewing locations for the Gators. I was polite though and did not laugh when their first questions was “Wait, did all of you actually go to Florida?”. They proceeded to get quite drunk and try to turn our table into a one-sided flip cup tournament. Fail.

What a fun night though. Will we go back out to watch the game at one of the three locations in the future? Probably not. We’ll more likely have a viewing party at our place without all of the stress of the other. Even though the night was capped off with over half a pitcher of beer being spilled down my nice jeans, definitely worth watching the big game in style. Only thing better would have been to be in Miami or Gainesville itself. GO GATORS!


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