today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 01:08 loved the nph snl action. much love for the doog!!
  • 10:10 watching obama on this week with george stephanopoulos
  • 10:33 i support the first labra-doodle! that would be cute.
  • 12:40 just back from trader joe’s and pet store with dixie. now, watching mama mia.
  • 12:46 and eating a sunshine sushi roll from trader joe’s, with loads if wasabi. yum!
  • 13:11 hmmmm maybe Greek islands should be my next stop. looking fabulous. and oh how i do love tzatziki…
  • 13:37 oh pierce brosnan. perhaps you should leave the singing to the others and stick to just looking pretty.
  • 14:04 pierce is singing better at the wedding. redeemed himself a tad there.
  • 15:55 "meet me in montauk". love eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.
  • 17:46 woah – 12 pack of diet dr. pepper was $7.29?!? that’s robbery.
  • 18:52 ooooh simon baker is on the runway for the golden globes. something about him is just striking. like the plush tipped lapels on his suit.
  • 19:08 amy adams is too cute. really want to see doubt. so many movies on my list. still to see? milk, slumdog millionaire, revolutionary road…
  • 19:16 also really wanna see the wrestler for some reason. love marissa tomei.
  • 19:20 LOL!!! just realized tiki barber is hosting the globes pre-show. he’s forever linked to karaoke based on running into him at my karaoke bar.
  • 19:31 okay, drew barrymore’s hair is ridiculous. is she a singer in a 50’s girl group?
  • 20:13 really like springsteen song from "the wrestler". so good – just bought it.
  • 20:46 emma thompson looks amazing. like radiating amazing.

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