dixie diaries – kicking bad habits

Everyone’s worried about the recession. And I’ll concede sure, I’m one of those as well. However, I’m also worried about another “r” word – regression. Just look at this mess. Disaster! You can’t see how the shreds went from one end of my long hallway to the other and also managed to be in other such locations as Dixie’s beard itself. Grrrrrrr.

Dixie’s face wilted as I walked in, put up my coat on the hook, shook my head at her, and went to shoving the shreddings into my dust bin. I heard a dull roar followed by a louder “RUFF!”, as if to say “hey hey, um hello, look at me!”. I shook my head again at her and said several loud sharp no no no’s, pointing at the mess strewn about. She just shrunk further back into the futon, quietly waiting to see when and if I’d come over to her.

After cleaning up, I calmly sat down and ate my salad. I’m learning that Dixie’s increased jumping capabilities are negating the presence for me of ANY form of safe table for eating. I’ve been eating at my computer table, but Dixie can now hop up on the seat even when it’s up at it’s highest position. When she hopped up, she got another “no” and was plopped down to the ground.

By the time I finished eating and turned around to acknowledge her, she looked mortified that I was not going to speak to her again. This is where I *want* to cave. To give her a big big hug and attention. I held back though. Played with her a little bit, but definitely didn’t give her any excuse to think there was any upside to that foolishness.

I think this is the universe’s way for trying to scold me for getting that fabulous new dress at Anthropologie but you know what? ISN’T WORKING. Cause the dress is too amazing. I’m not accepting any shame. Nyah.


3 thoughts on “dixie diaries – kicking bad habits

  1. If the universe was really scolding you, that would be your new dress on the floor.

    Don’t cave! She’ll learn good manners, but she’ll learn them sooner if you are firm and don’t give in to her cute face. Which has to be next to impossible!

  2. When my dog was a puppy, we filled an empty soda can with pennies, and shook it every time he did something bad. The noise is horrendous. Because he hated the noise, he learned to avoid the bad behavior to avoid the terrible noise. This might work for Dixie’s jumping problems. Its great because it doesn’t hurt the dog in any way, and they seem to think the can is making the noise on its own- not you. We were even able to line up full soda cans across the entrances to rooms that didn’t have doors and he wouldn’t go near the cans, and thus didn’t enter the room without us having to deal with baby gates.

  3. Annie – I think I would cry if that were my dress. I’m scared to put it on in front of her. If she snags it, there will be tears. Many tears shed…

    Thankfully she hasn’t had a “shredding incident” since, not even yesterday when she was left alone for quite a long time. I almost thought I was guaranteed a mess, but she was just sitting there smiling, waiting for me. Love that.

    What a great suggestion on the can though! I am totally going to do that. Next soda I finished, I’m going to put all my unused, unloved pennies to work! I’ll give any technique like that a go at least once!!

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