belated resolutions

I’ve been thinking hard on my list for 2009. I usually put these up right on New Year’s Day, but the end of the year was a bit off for me and the beginning of this one’s been a tad rocky as well. I take these pretty seriously. Don’t like to either set myself up for defeat on them but also don’t want to do lame stuff that doesn’t require a little effort. After all, I do really think it’s good to challenge yourself. To grow. And no one’s a harsher critic than yourself to prompt a little change.

This year, I’d say an increasing number are personal ones. Too close to share.

1. Say “I’m sorry” and “Thank you” louder.
If I had money for every time I’ve been chewed out or received a snide comment for not saying “Excuse me”, “Thanks”, etc when I really did make such an acknowledgement, I would’t have a need to rush off to any job tomorrow in the AM. I’ve decided I’m tired of being chewed out when I have attempted to show my appreciation. 2009 is officially the year of the uber-vocal appreciation. Get ready, all you bus riders. The love is coming.

2. Stop saying “I’m sorry” so often.
Now, this may seem to directly contradict the prior resolution, but really and truly, it’s not the case. I absolutely loved one of Zandria’s posts back in November because it really made me think about something. One phrase I do say way too often which shouldn’t be so belittled and watered down is “I’m sorry”. The truth is, sometimes it comes out when I’m really and truly sorry, so right time and place. More often than not though, it just comes out as a buffer or, even worse, at times when I really shouldn’t be holding out my hand willing to accept the blame. Sometimes it’s in the midst of some awkward situation and that just perhaps slips out. No more. I’m sure it’ll still happen, but I’m going to make a conscious effort to save my “I’m sorries” for those moments truly warranting it.

3. Polish off my DC memoir.
Well, I’ve almost got the rough draft down now, which was part of 2008’s goals. 2009 is all about buff, buff, and shine! By the end of the year, I hope to have it all ready to roll, at which point I’ll figure out what the heck to do with it. I’ve joined a writing group and they are absolutely fantastic about critiquing and givine very valuable feedback that’s helping to make it make more sense. Hopefully this is one I can put a big check mark next to come Jan 2010.

4. Take a vacation. At least one. And make it somewhere warm!
I haven’t been traveling as much with the arrival of Miss Dix. Which was in part planned. I knew getting a dog would help me to settle in a bit into a routine, save some money, etc. But I am me. And I love to travel. I love it a lot. I don’t know where I’m going yet, but I’m thinking. Contemplating. Some things have been thrown out as ideas. Perhaps some will come to fruition. To be continued, but look forward to adding at least a minute contribution into the pool of my frequent flyer miles.

5. And my standing resolution, at least two trips to DC.
I know I’m headed down for the Tour Guide’s wedding in June, and before that in May as well for her bachelorette party. Perhaps I should set this at three, but I’ll leave it be. The point is that can’t wait to see my DC gals again soon. Miss you.

6. Successfully complete 365 Days.
Stay tuned for the photos along the way on that one. Promises to be an interesting one, for sure.

7. Cook more.
Another standing resolution… but I’m off to a good start! I cooked last week and cooked this past Sunday. I bought chicken breasts this week to cook. See a trend here? Working on it, for sure. And if I find any good recipes, you know where they’ll end up!

8. Do something new. Something I’ve never tried before.

9. Be better on returning phone calls.
I used to be good with this. Really good. These days? Not so much. Email? Yes. Phone calls? No. I want to get back to being good about this. Very important, seeing as so many of my good friends live out of town.

10. And just because this list needs a light and fun addition, this year I’m gonna fully learn the dance from the video for Beyonce’s song “Single Ladies”. But no. Don’t be looking for video proof of that here!

11. The rest? The rest are big. And if the outcome of them should be positive, perhaps they will make there way over here at some point in time.

2008 was tough. It had it’s upsides, but it hurt too. Anyone working in NYC feels it and knows it’s not going to become better magically overnight and, more than likely, the painful trend will continue well past 2009. I’m learning the challenges of pressures constantly both on the personal and professional front. Working on balancing that better. So here’s to a great 2009. May it hold good things in store.

What are your resolutions? Or do you think the whole “resolution thing” is all a bunch of baloney?


3 thoughts on “belated resolutions

  1. I think resolutions largely depend on how much you individually believe in them. I think a lot of people make them just to make them, and never follow through. Others make them more of a commitment, and are probably more successful.

    I didn’t make any this year. I just want to survive. 🙂

  2. I always like reading your resolutions, even the ones you don’t get around to (because at least you admit to it and say why it is you weren’t able to fulfill it!). Good choices again this year. And I’m so happy that one of them was inspired by one of my posts! Love that! 🙂

  3. Annie, I agree. I like putting them here since I feel like it makes me a tad more accountable and makes me look back and remember what they are. Survival though is always a good one 🙂

    Zan – I try to be honest. And that was a really good post. So so true too.

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