today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 11:33 going to bed at almost 6 doesn’t work well with a puppy whose internal clock doesn’t care when she goes to bed. still in pjs though!
  • 11:35 slumdog millionaire was so good. believe today it’s the wrestler. maybe i’ll just watch a movie each day until i’ve seen all i wanna see.
  • 11:37 oh my these ladies on the view? can’t stomach this. yack.
  • 12:11 time for nap #1
  • 14:02 watching snl from Saturday night. this is pretty awful. when it’s good (nph, justin timberlake) and when it’s not, oh dear.
  • 20:03 must be more vigilant about checking ingredients on all food items. mushrooms? so in the pasta sauce i just ate. forehead on fire. argh.
  • 20:20 if s gives up yale for b, that is the dumbest thing ever. and of course, we’re talking gossip girl here.
  • 20:36 nate’s slicked back hair? HIDEOUS. big n-o.

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