today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 09:59 missing DC and my gang there very much today. enjoy the festivities (and craziness) for me, por favor.
  • 10:21 apparently my flash viewer is “out of date” and I need to upgrade. problem is my security permissions don’t allow me to do so. lovely.
  • 11:02 is there any website where you can watch inauguration with a mobile device (iPhone, etc)?? this is driving me nuts 😦
  • 11:41 thanks guys for ideas! iPhone? fail. nothing but LOVE cspan!
  • 11:55 aretha girl. look @ that hat. you’re lost in bow!!
  • 12:03 love the integration of “appalachian spring” into this musical number. an absolute fave of mine.
  • 12:04 people are seriously crammed into times square?!? whyyyyyyy?
  • 12:18 love obama’s daughter taking photos of daddy… and bush’s typical dumb blank stare. classic to the end.
  • 12:40 I love that Barack did stumble a bit in his oath. He’s definitely a smart, smart man, but he seems so approachable.
  • 12:41 missed the poem 😦 there was a mass exodus from our common viewing area. who was it?
  • 12:42 Hill Hill looks fantastic in that royal blue. Excellent selection.
  • 14:18 Semi-formal event tonight. Can’t decide. Satin slip dress? Or 80s/90s dress – all black sequins on top and hot pink tulle @ bottom?
  • 17:53 NBC NY is talking about Michelle Obama’s hips. Good grief.

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