the big 400!

Here we are at post number 400! Well, 400 since I started this blog and stopped posting to the other one I had from my District days. I’m sitting here on my futon, not feeling so hot and likely about to knock out a movie from my Netflix queue. I’ve been fully in movie mode. I’m saving my commentary though on those given the big Oscar nods until I knock off the last couple on my list. Can’t say I’ve ever seen this many up for the honors, so I think it should make watching the ceremony this year a bit more fun.

So, I’ve been catching up on my blog reading (finally) and found some fun stuff I wanted to share with you guys. Warning, yes this is a random hodge podge 🙂

  • Looks like Madoff’s home was TP’d. Hah. As my Silver Fox Andy says, let’s keep ’em honest. And keep the TP coming…
  • In the midst of the bleak economy in a financial hub like Manhattan, you have to laugh at pieces like this. These girls who dated those IBankers betting on their plastic surgeries, multiple homes, and the like of the future? You earned the flip side.
  • As I walked through Union Square the Saturday of the annual pants-less subway ride, I blinked momentarily as I saw the barrage of underwear going by and it took a bit for me to remember the reason behind it. I guess the scary part is it didn’t seem too strange to see. Ah NYC. Never a dull moment. It kind of reminded me of this other random Friday? Oh yeah! Halloween. Except then it was mainly females wearing what equated to underwear… By the way, how classy that the video is in HD. So classy.
  • Now, I’ve never been to Yosemite, so these pics are cool based on that aspect alone. BUT what I really love (of course) is the strategic placement of Karyn’s Yorkie, Bev, in the midst of the big trees. Awwwww. Dixie could never be trusted to stay on her own like that. Something to aspire to…
  • Ok so grammar errors are a huge pet peeve of mine. Drives me absolutely bonkers (and if you ever see a typo here, please email me – I will be super appreciative). And this posting over on Racked had to crack me up. Um majorly. So bad.
  • I so want to see Bobby Flay throw down with the Clinton Street Baking Company. And I want to see them and their fantabulous fried chicken with spicey honey, blueberry pancakes, and oh so tasty biscuits kick his little snooty falooty booty!
  • Remember when I mentioned that Brooklyn’s Cheyenne Diner was going to be relocating to Alabama and I was wondering where? I heard on the news the other day it is going to Birmingham. Guess who’s gonna make sure to try that one out at some point? (Raises hand)

Ok, for now that’s all I’ve got. And now I have a pressing concern to address – which is getting my fleece snowflake PJ bottoms on and trying to sedate my hyperactive pup enough to watch a movie. We’ll see if that last part happens…


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