today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 08:27 Mmmmm. Vanilla almond milk? Fabulous with my Fruit & Yogurt Special K. Love it.
  • 09:17 Creeped out by this couple CLONING their dog? That’s um just… no. $150,000 for a cloned dog?
  • 09:44 Was waiting for 10AM dr appt. Just learned dr not in til 1pm & have a 2pm meeting. Fabulous. Trying to get in with other dr in practice 😦
  • 10:08 I can hear them re-shoveling the sidewalks outside. Moments like this make me happy I *don’t* own my own place and have to deal with that.
  • 10:26 Dixie’s barking is going to bring back my migraine. Shhhhhhhhh!!!
  • 17:23 Waiting for meds @ Duane Reade. I think they get a kick outta holding you hostage.
  • 18:09 This guy Adam on "The City" is a real slum bag. Dude, you cheating on your girlfriend is on NATIONAL television. Don’t lie. Tard.
  • 18:31 Ack Brian Williams you are depressing me. I want to be informed, but why ya starting with the negative news? That? THAT’S where you lose me.
  • 19:45 Dixie just went bonkers at the bonfire scene during "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". Too funny.

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