futon to recovery

Sick in the city requires sitting still, something which I don’t do so well. You realize that unlike days when you could take the car in, you’re stuck trudging your way to and from the subway, whether you want to or not. And those days you really wish you could be frivolous and hail one of those cabs which zip around you by the dozens. But… restraint.

Anyhow, last night I played hooky from studying and watched “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and bummed on the futon in my fleece PJs. It was lovely. And I tried to go to bed early, even though I seemed to have a bit of a fever going on last night.

Tomorrow I’m off to the test and then it’s weekend, straight ahead! I’m looking forward to catching up with some friends I haven’t seen much of, some brunching, the Super Bowl (who is playing again? half-way kidding…), and, oh yeah, some rest!

Off to cram a tad and hit the sack, hopefully more successfully than last night…


2 thoughts on “futon to recovery

  1. Yes she was 🙂 Oddly, there was no barking. Perhaps she was riveted by “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”. Somehow, I think not.

    Thanks – I’m feeling better after a night in. Amazing how that helps!

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