today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 10:14 It is entirely too cold. And again, hard to believe it’ll be a high of 50 on Sunday. Planning to bust Dixie outta the house!
  • 11:00 But since you’ve been goooooone… So wish I was at karaoke and not in cubeland…
  • 11:29 Trying to drag my feet on caffeine round 2 as long as possible…
  • 11:31 Anyone have recommendations on a good table-top tripod?
  • 13:32 Doing a little lunch break editing for a writing group deadline of next Tuesday. Ack!
  • 16:36 Seriously it feels like 8 degrees outside? And why did I wear a dress today again?
  • 16:57 Happy hours tonight, plural. A little cold weather double header.
  • 22:44 Food again? Ok. Thus goes a Thursday. At a noodle bar in the LES.
  • 22:49 Haha the worker loved us since we could speak Spanish. Always works magic.
  • 22:50 Cab driver just tried to buy me a kebab. Hmmm. Don’t trust and already had two rounds of food. Ready for round of sleep…
  • 23:00 Just left my fab super warm fleece gloves. First casualty of the season 😦 Better than cashmere scarf or iPhone at least?

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