new props? yes please!

I’m going to a themed Valentine’s day event – 1940s/1950s jazz. Hmmmm. I figured it was a good excuse for a boa (check!) and maybe a cool piece of feathered piece for my head. Something different. Hmmmm. And this? Perfect! So excited. Pictures to follow.

And now I’m playing on my little mini laptop. I caved and got a little Acer Aspire One. So cute, tiny, and portable. I am a little sad it’s a Windows OS (would be instant upgrade in my books if this was built on a Mac OS, but I guess you can’t have it all), but I’m excited to be able to slide this in my purse. Oh so nice. I was a little tempted by the pink one, but I figured it wouldn’t be so interesting come tomorrow – so basic black it is. But cute just the same. It’s less than 9″ long and just a smidge past 2 pounds. Battery life of more than 5 hours. Love it already.

Yes, you can bet that means more posting. I think I’ve mentioned Dixie doesn’t love me hanging out on the computer so anything to help with this will mean I’ll be here more often…


One thought on “new props? yes please!

  1. Hehe – Dixie is actually bigger than the laptop! How cute!

    Do you find it hard to see the screen? I looked at one once and thought I’d give myself massive headaches from trying to read from the screen…

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