today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 12:52 If my work email and applications would stop crashing, this day would be much more productive.
  • 14:51 Running errand before come back to fix the work file I screwed up. Should have mini laptop though when I return. Yeah!!
  • 19:48 Acer all set up. So cute! Love it.
  • 19:58 No new Gossip Girl 😦 Bummer. And Dixie keeps trying to pull up Movies on Demand with her booty. No premium flicks for you chica!
  • 20:17 Ok Barack, it’s ok that you displaced my Gossip Girl. And that lady just threw out some ten questions in one breath. Seriously?!?
  • 20:21 Love I bought this mini laptop for writing & am now tooling around on the Internet & not being productive. To be fair, listening to Obama…
  • 20:56 Woohoo got Gmail to work on the mini laptop. It doesn’t like the fancy one. Plain HTML version? Golden.
  • 21:29 Really wish my neighbor’s bass wasn’t cranked up so much. No one told her it’s only Monday night.
  • 21:59 About to turn in and knock out some more of "The Reader". Over halfway done and just started on Saturday. Quickest read in a long time.

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