help a cookie lover out

Once upon a time, I was a Girl Scout. Yep, I had that lovely elastic banded thingie you had to wear on your leg and all. During the Brownie years, ours was a chocolate brown world (vests, skirts, lovely knee-high socks…) with orange accents, which would ironically eventually be my high school’s colors. I quit once I got older. I think I was in the 8th grade? I drew the line at wearing the spinach green uniforms to carry the US glad into a school assembly. Yeah, that was about the end of my Girl Scout days.

Yet up until I graduated high school I continued to have people hunt me down for cookies. And I knew why. Um hello. Have you had a Samoa? Maybe a Tagalong? If not, try one and then come back and hate. So I’m sad though. Unlike Florida where I knew of the specific Blockbuster in Hollywood where they could be found, I’m CLUELESS in NYC. I just tried their handy sandy cookie locator site. Big fat FAIL. It told me to find my local friendly scout. Um now if I knew that, why would I be Googleing (Googling?) over here like a cookie crazed fiend? Exactly. I wouldn’t. I’d be rationing out my Samoas.

So the point here, friendly reader, is I’m hoping you know the answer to solve this. Help! Anyone have any recommendations? Share and I just might try to find you some funny old Girl Scout photos of me… Please??

(Update: I found this too funny picture from when my mom mailed them to me last year. I thought this would help drive home my passion for Samoas a little better than text alone… Success?)


2 thoughts on “help a cookie lover out

  1. Have none of your co-workers brought in order forms for their kids? That’s where I get my hookup from. I asked around this year until I discovered who was selling.

    If you want, I can see if it’s too late to put an order in and I’ll mail them to you!

  2. No – none of my coworkers brought an order sheet in. Come to think of it, they didn’t last year either. What is the world coming to? Maybe fewer girls are doing it these days? I’d be curious to know.

    But YES! If anyone’s still taking orders, that would be fabulous. I’d send you some cash. Love me some Samoas! Basically all of them but Trefoils. Eh pass on them!

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