today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 21:27 Love that sister and I went to Clinton Street for pancake month and both were lured away by tasty fried chicken. Oooops.
  • 21:28 Yep, throwing out Dixie’s big fluffy plush bed in the morning. Fluffy stuffing all over my wood floor (and in her beard – classy).
  • 22:17 Anyone have a favorite Sinatra album?
  • 09:41 "Anyone knows an ant can’t move a rubber tree plant… But he’s got hiiiiiigh hopes!"
  • 10:20 Wind down by the water is so ridiculously strong it made me lose my balance a few times as I crossed the street. No good.
  • 18:18 Am I gonna be lost for tonight’s Grey’s if I didn’t see last week’s Private Practice? DVRs aren’t smart enough to know you people linked up.
  • 19:11 Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman is painful. What’s up with him? I used to like him. He looks like a hobo…

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