today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 00:33 Cab drivers here really do think they are entitled. Cab ride went from $10 max to almost $20 due to him not listening. Essential to job, no?
  • 11:15 Not leaving coffeeshop until write those tough final pages of 1stsection. Down to few short ends in all 4 parts to go that are just hard.
  • 11:33 So many cute sweatered dogs keep walking by the front of the coffeeshop. Awwwww. Reason to focus – write and get back to my little furball.
  • 12:03 I don’t think my coffeeshop is playing the Simply Sinatra channel. That’s disappointing. Whoever is singing now isn’t cutting it. Meh.
  • 12:14 Anyone have good recs on laptop speakers? Mine are too soft & want to have better ones to use when using laptop w/ HDMI cord w/ TV.
  • 12:59 Yawn. Only took me 2 hours to hammer through those 5 pages. 5 pages! But at least it’s done. Now I can finally run errands.
  • 13:20 Such a lovely day out. Forget mass transit. These boots are made for walking!
  • 16:16 Trying to make it to the end of "Tropic Thunder". It has its moments, but overall? Not a big fan.
  • 16:35 Movie got a bit funnier. Tom Cruise? Cracking me up, now that I *realized* it is Tom Cruise. What is wrong with this pic? NOT a fan of his.
  • 17:10 Tom Cruise dancing in this movie is hilarious. The addition of his chest "pelt" is ridiculous. Have to to watch this one again sometime.
  • 18:39 Dixie loves some Shake Shack.
  • 20:00 John Cusack is just too cute.
  • 22:00 Little concerned that I’ll not have enough room in my freezer for all of the stuff I’ve ordered from Fresh Direct. Will see tomorrow…

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