i <3 long weekends

What a great long weekend it’s been. I think the photos sum it up best…

A little housewarming on the Upper West Side to kick off the weekend. Their apartment? 1,100 square feet. Seriously. To me, that’s ridiculously massive. Plenty of room for the Bollywood inspired dancing which would later commence…

Saturday brunching and karaoke-ing and the like. This French Toast? Seriously tasty. More on that later.

Rounding out the day in the Lower East Side at an “Anti-Valentine’s Day” party, although it wasn’t too anti-Valentine’s-y. Very fun, chic spot (I’m not letting my not too pleasant cab ride on the way back ruin the evening). Any themed event where you get to wear a fun feathered headband can’t be too bad, right?

Jax even made cookies for the event. Very tasty. It’s truly been a weekend of chocolate. Only appropriate, don’t you think?

Hope you all had a great Valentine’s Weekend!


3 thoughts on “i <3 long weekends

  1. Oh no. No boiled goose was consumed. A friend was sharing an early release copy of The Lonely Island’s CD (the group with Andy Samberg and some others). It’s a pretty funny song!

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