today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 06:40 Woke up coughing and scared the dog. Gotta love allergies… Is it really only Tuesday?
  • 06:48 Though if it has to be Tuesday, at least it’s FAT Tuesday. Already looking forward to tonight’s festivities (& haven’t even left bed yet!).
  • 09:55 Perplexed how I have 70+ Tori Amos CDs and only have put 140 songs on my iPod. Must rectify.
  • 14:11 Almost shower time… Chocolate pretzels, cupcakes, magic…
  • 16:09 This work project might be the death of me. My eyes are screaming NO MORE COMPUTER!!!
  • 16:28 Trying to figure out what to wear for Mardi Gras event tonight and if I should motivate to get a mask or something? I gots a boa…
  • 16:33 Little in love with my Beejive application. Ahhhh. Good to back in chatting world again. It even makes a cute buzzing sound to notify you.
  • 17:55 Just got one amazing feathered mask. I’m the lady in red tonight!

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2 thoughts on “today’s bits

  1. LOL. Yeah this Loud Twitter thing is on crack. I think it posts these whenever it’s in the mood. Oh well. I love automation 😉

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