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Focacceria, Greenwich Village

Focacceria, Greenwich Village

If you’re like me, you are often trying to find something decent and good closeby to another event you are attending. On Wednesday night, I found myself slightly north of Houston with not a lot of places I was dying to try. And then I remembered Focacceria. I’d only been there one other time but was really impressed with their menu and wanted to go back.

Ravioli Special, Focacceria

Ravioli Special, Focacceria

From the outside, it just looks like another restaurant. Nothing fancy. But I’ve found their pasta dishes to be excellent and reasonably priced by Manhattan standards. For the second time, I opted to go with their ravioli of the day, which ironically was the same offering – stuffed with chicken, roasted peppers, and mozarella. The portion size was generous and this combination was just amazing. The sauce was fresh and not overpowering, which allowed the flavor of the contents of the ravioli pillows to shine through. If you’re on Atkins, I suggest you momentarily bail, as their focaccia bread is served warm with fresh tomatoes baked in. It is too good to miss.

The last time I was here, it was one of the last warm weather evenings where you could pleasantly enjoy sitting outdoors — that’s when this place truly shines — although it was still comfy on this cool February evening. Their menu has all sorts of options from pasta dishes to traditional Italian meat dishes. They also have great prices on carafes of their house wine. This is not a flashy restaurant by any means, but it is a good solid predictable option. Definitely one to try.

Focacceria – 87 MacDougal Street (at Bleecker) – 212.253.8049


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