today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 09:14 Monthly staff mtg today where dept head showers us with @DunkinDonuts. Ain’t nothing wrong with that!
  • 11:00 Mega caffeinated & all sugared up. Back to role as master communicator unpleasant news. Lovely project. Call me Corporate Suzy Sunshine.
  • 12:43 Already excited for dinner tonight & perusing menu. Tapas, tapas, tapas!!
  • 14:58 Really almost March? Although makes sense since making St Patty’s plans. Already dreading how early will have to be up next Saturday.
  • 16:57 So wishing dinner reservations were earlier tonight…
  • 18:38 I don’t trust multi-level Duane Reade stores.
  • 18:53 Accidentally "sampled" enough of this lotion at Sephora for the entire East Village. I now smell like vanilla birthday cake on legs.
  • 21:56 I officially think Qwitter’s a little harsh! But the one who quit was a spam tard anyhow, so no loss there.

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