a little catch up

Yeah, I’ve been a tad behind here. It’s been a marathon of a week though. Phew. I needed the weekend to rest up and I did um a little of that – but I’m still wishing I had more of that to enjoy tomorrow. Alas, looks like I will be trudging to the snow en route to work. So what’s the week entailed?

Well, I’ve already posted some pictures from the brunch I did last Sunday, which happened to coincide with Dixie’s birthday, but I didn’t share a couple of my favorites.

So cute. She looks like “hey guys, where’s my food?!?”. You’d think she had not been fed at all. Don’t be fooled… she had her own cup of puppy ice cream, some strawberries, and either shortly before or after this photo, managed to snag one of my homemade sausage balls. Bisquick, sharp cheddar, and hot sausage probably not the best of things for the tummy of a little puppy, but this one thought it was heaven in a ball.

And then this one sums up the end. Let’s say the Oscars were super peaceful, as Dixie assumed and maintained her pooped cinnamon bun-like pose for the rest of the evening. She was done.

Tuesday we had a Yelp event in honor of Mardi Gras at Bubble Lounge in Tribecca. I’d never been before, but it was such a great place and they brought out a drum duo behind a couple of sequined dancers to add a little authentic parade element to the soiree. Still no king cake, but that aside, it was a perfect evening, capped off by some super tasty fresh French Onion soup at a nearby restaurant.

More to follow. Off to deal with a punky pup currently in time out for snagging up my pillow. Not pleased…


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