weekend review: the bee’s knees

This weekend was the perfect mix. A little bit of warmer weather – only enough to tease as it sadly phased out late Friday. A little dancing oh and hugs. Lots of hugs. Some sleeping in and lazy weekend mornings. Some bonding with girlfriends over cozy quaint meals. Some tasty brunch foods and catching up with an old friend. All capped off by a fabulous all-out steak meal.

It was the first time I can remember since moving here that my weekend included dancing. I love dancing, but typically don’t seek out the trendy velvet rope MPD scene. This was ideal. A little dancing on the floor at an engagement party. Before I knew it my feet had cleared the ground and I was whirled around in the air. Later, we even made our own dance floor at a trendy rooftop lounge. It’s funny how once you start dancing, others nearby opt to follow suit. Similarly we watched the others take a seat once we headed out. Dancing is definitely underrated.

And for the first time since I can’t even remember when, Dixie slept until 10:30. 10:30! This is monumental. When I finally decided to roll out of bed to grab brunch, I wasn’t rubbing my eyes or yawning. I was good to go. Perfect.

Definitely one of those weekends where it was just on too much of a roll to not be a three day weekend, but alas no such luck. Today though was a short day. With the snow and most of my co-workers not coming in due to the commute in from Long Island, I was relieved when we were allowed to leave early.


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