today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 08:29 Getting ready to go to doc and hoping tailbone’s bruised and not broken. Fingers crossed…
  • 10:23 I think I’m the only one who didn’t watch The Bachelor.
  • 10:41 Bruised but not broken. All good. Headed home, coffee in hand, in hot pursuit of Alleve.
  • 11:24 Dixie doesn’t get the concept of a laptop. She thinks that spot is for her and ONLY her.
  • 11:40 This is my theme song today… ♫
  • 12:05 Now this is nice. Johnny Cash with a twist. ♫
  • 12:10 Haha I’m on a Johnny Cash roll. Just discovered this site. Pretty sure this one won’t pass the corporate firewa… ♫
  • 12:26 Love me some swing. Dancing some this weekend makes me want to hit the floor more, bruised tailbone and all. ♫
  • 13:50 Starving. Trying to wrap up project so can grab bite to eat, but no such luck. Argh.
  • 14:44 Momentarily existing solely on Cadbury mini eggs & dreaming of lunch. Ironic reversal.
  • 15:37 Looking like lunch has become dinner. Now on conference call and full of Mini Eggs. Healthy.
  • 16:07 Such a beautiful cover. Pleased to find it on here. ♫
  • 16:31 Dixie asleep beside me. Phew. Not doing so hot with me working at home today. I’m getting a headache between that and lack of real lunch!
  • 16:37 Supposed to catch up this w/ friend today but hadn’t had chance to call. Just found out she went into labor & baby born at 2:35. Congrats 🙂
  • 16:40 Ah soothing. Need a little help at the moment. Want to scream AHHHHHH! ♫
  • 16:51 Ok – feeling Mac-tarded. Help. What do I have to do to get the input cells to pop up to do a v-look up? So annoying. I need to finish this!
  • 17:02 Dad was loaded… in that case, I’ll have a rum and Coca Cola… Pulp, thanks for soothing my Excel woes. ♫
  • 17:21 What color of snuggie to get… Red? Blue? Green? Which would bring out my eyes the most? (Kidding)
  • 18:28 Why didn’t think to do delivery for lunch? Fail. Oh well. New place. Love it when you’re told you chose well. Makes me think of "I Am Sam".
  • 19:03 Watching last night’s "City". What’s the point of the whole DVF storyline anyhow since it’s supposedly fake? Is the whole thing fake?!?
  • 19:09 Ooooh Jay is such a creep. Ugh. What’s redeeming about this guy? Don’t see it.
  • 19:36 Dixie thinks Defonte’s roast beef is da bomb.
  • 19:53 OMG! Fed government gave me my refund already. Sweet! Thought there was a typo in my account. Woah.
  • 20:38 Why are my videos I’ve now rotated on QuickTime Pro switching back to landscape mode when uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo? #TechHelp
  • 22:37 Just talked to my friend from HS/college who had her first baby girl. Hung up just as they brought her back from her first bath. Awww!

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