today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 09:39 Regretting not making it out yesterday for a mini pillow to cush the tush. Perhaps lunchtime run.
  • 13:33 Yeah too lazy/cold averse to fix my pillow-lacking situation. And needed to write my food column over lunch. Some lunchy productivity.
  • 14:10 Got Zabar’s Purim email. Remember when McCain thought same as Halloween?
  • 14:29 Listening to Tori Amos tracks on my old iPod because more loaded on there (only 322 still). Very ready for spring/summer tour already.
  • 17:19 Check out my latest dining adventure at
  • 19:12 Argh. Just left work bit ago so not enough time to go home to visit Dix before dinner/concert. 😦 She’s gonna go nuts later when get back.
  • 21:13 Downstairs bar @ restaurant is vibrating so much it’s going to hurt my bruised tailbone. Owwww!!
  • 22:20 Marissa Nadler @ Joe’s Pub. So good, and love LOVE venue. Cozy. Video coming tomorrow…

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