dixie diaries – cya later gator

I came home to a trail of fluff, with Dixie’s gator no longer having eyes. The gator had these eyes made of thread. I’d have never bought her anything with protruding eyes, as I know that would be the first thing she’d attack with her teeth. So what had been his eyes had been turned more or less into spouts from which the gator was oozing stuffing. Oh dog. Don’t you want to have at least one stuffed toy I’ll trust you with unsupervised?

The gator has since been confiscated. Seriously, how much of that stuffing does a little five pound pup need? I don’t want to know how much she’s tried to scarf down. So sad. I know she will definitely miss her little boyfriend here.

RIP gator…

Posted by ShoZu


3 thoughts on “dixie diaries – cya later gator

  1. Mom’s definitely always golden! And I think Dixie could live solely on fluff and wood filler. I bought her a new toy today and she’s already got the seam open.

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