Lesson #2

Saturday was the St. Patty’s Day celebration in Hoboken. I’ll admit, I don’t often go out to the Jerz. It’s such a hike… bus to train to PATH… multiple cards are needed for such an expedition and I don’t usually end up out that way. To be fair, once I’m there, I see lots of great places I wouldn’t mind checking out, but I also am reminded on the way back how far it is, as I usually just want to be home already at the end of it all.

Our lovely hostess had a full spread awaiting our arrival – she’d made my sausage balls along with scones and pigs in a blanket (which she’d labeled “pigs ‘n kilts”). Our plan was to hang out there until roughly noon and then head over to the bars where all places had something with which they could cash in on the festivities. Knowing it would be a frattish mess, I decided to use the restroom and then we would head out. Unfortunately I neglected to remember I had placed my iPhone in my back pocket until I heard a sploosh sound. Argh.

I grabbed it out as quickly as I could, but it was almost completely black. You could faintly see the display but it’s brightness was probably about 2-3% of the norm. Not good. Only positive sign was that I was not seeing the “sad Mac” icon on the screen. I am very technology dependent. Yesterday illustrated just how extreme this dependency is. But there are other reasons it’s epecially important to me right now as I really want to be reachable by my family at the moment.

But my friends are the best. Absolutely the best. And as I was crying, glittered shamrock on my face and all, they were hugging me as one was taking the hair dryer to my phone trying to revive it. I opted out of the crazy Hobo scene but didn’t go home. Instead, we went to a few house parties and had a nice dinner over on Washington Street before heading back to Manhattan. My general feedback is for this to be such a big annual event for the city, they acted almost as if they had never had to deal with the massive influx of people. They were shutting down PATH entrances, not letting people go into the PATH period from any entrance, and then we were funneled to buses whith did not take our subway passes at all.

I woke this morning to a squirmy dog, ready for fetch. I looked at my iPhone, still charging with a black screen, before tsking to entertaining the little one. After running a bit around the apartment, I wandererd back to my phone one last time to see what it said before jumping in the shower. I saw it showed the alarm was going off, sans sound. I reached down out of habit to turn it off and lo and behold, the screen began to glow! What a glorious beginning to longer days.

Lesson here? iPhone never goes in the back pocket. And plugging your iPhone in to your laptop every day is a good habit – a new one for me. I’m a little sad to have lost my recently purchased favorite apps, such as BeeJive (chat), CameraBag, and Color Splash. But then again, those are much cheaper than a brand new phone. Fingers crossed that it continues to work…


2 thoughts on “1-800-I-GO-HOBO

  1. I am absolutely laughing out loud at ‘the Jerz’. I have never heard it called that before. I’m going to start.

    I’m glad your butt isn’t broken. I love me some socks with traction on them – but I just love funky socks anyway. I hope you feel better soon!

    And yay for friends that will hairdry your iPhone for you!

  2. I don’t know where I got Jerz from either. Just has a nice ring to it. 🙂 And ironic thing is I was popping off about not going back to NJ anytime soon and where is the Britney Pears concert I’m going to this week? Oh yes. You got it!

    And ABSOLUTELY! According to the Genius Bar guys at Apple, it’s totally a miracle that my phone is still functioning. Don’t mind that type of magic at all!!

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