where are you tom hanks?

Sometimes you need a fun day where you don’t worry about being a grown up and you just focus on having fun with your friends. That was what today was all about.

First, we hit Pop Burger for burgers, hot dogs, fries, and one fabulous and reasonably-portioned-when-split-between-two black and white shake. I think our surroundings – mothers/fathers and small children – was only a glimpse into what lied ahead of us.

I’ve never been to FAO Schwartz. Problem = solved! There were stuffed animals everywhere – many so large I wonder what residence in the city could possibly afford the spare space to accommodate them. Not chez moi! We found the FAO Schweetz section, where we were pleased to find the candy of the days of the days of yore. Two Pez dispensers and two packages of Sugar Babies later…

We were off to check out the Muppet Whatnot Workshop where you can literally make your own Muppet. These things were seriously involved and cost who knows how much. It was fun to watch though and we had a lot of fun playing with the sample. End result? We’re trying to decide when we want to go see Avenue Q!

There are also other things you can make, such as your own doll…

Seriously, how creepy are these floating heads? We found it disturbing!

I was most excited about finally seeing the ginormous piano from the movie Big. I’ve always wanted to go and play on it and somehow, I have made it this far living in the city before making it over to do so. We arrived to a sea of small children running wild across the piano. No one seemed to want to claim them. Once we took of our shoes and coats and looked serious, the parents came out of hiding and slowly asked their children to let others have a chance to play. And play we did. I’ve always wanted to play “Heart & Soul” on the big piano and I got my moment – barefoot. So much fun.

You can have one of these of your own for a mere $25,000. What a perfect day though.


4 thoughts on “where are you tom hanks?

  1. It was so much fun! Totally want to to back.

    And yay! I’ve concerted Andrea to blogging. Love it. I feel like it’s been an extremely successful day!

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