transit no-no’s

When there’s room, I’m all for grabbing my own personal corner. But really… in a vacant bench of three spots, why are so many people inclined to plop down in the middle? I’m a seat #¹or #3 kind of girl. Especially when the train *is* about 3/4 full.

This lady, who I didn’t get a great photo of since didn’t want her to think I was a creeper, was in the middle with bags and a bouquet of roses strategically placed across her lap to better delineate her space.

Some people crack me up. I don’t have that much personal space at home and I sure don’t expect to get it on mass transit.

I have a mean confession to make. I realized today what the return of warm weather inevitably means. You got it. The return of the stinky subway ride. But I’ll take it for skirts, sandals, sundresses, and tank tops. Yes please!!

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