today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 06:57 Yawn. Way too early & running late for appt with Apple 😦
  • 07:39 iPhone is officially fine. Wahoo! And I am officially lucky…
  • 08:50 Being at the office in the 8 o’clock hour is so dead it’s almost creepy.
  • 12:00 Am I the only one who reeeeally misses the character map program in recent Windows operating systems? So annoying.
  • 12:19 B.R. Guest just sent out a message about their restaurants, chefs, & sommeliers joining Twitter & included non-functioning links. Helpful!
  • 12:51 Courtesy of @seriouseats, apparently Chip Shop in Brooklyn has *fried* Cadbury Eggs. I’m very intrigued.
  • 14:11 May have just opened some Thin Mints?!? Blame @fietsdief for confirming the plentiful supply of GS cookies available @ their "Cabinet".
  • 14:18 You go, Dow. Up, up, and away, please?? Gracias.
  • 17:25 I’d like to give a big fat hug and kiss to the stock market today. Mwah!
  • 23:40 Long but productive writing group session. Exhausted but want to write at the same time. Bed won. Zzzzzz.

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