today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 10:16 Wonder if doggie yoga would make my dog more serene. Thinking no & she’d just tick off the other dog owners. Girl’s got a lot of feelings.
  • 10:44 Work answer for the day is "no". Ok getting quite good at it. "No". Repeat. "No".
  • 11:00 Tip: when trying to beg someone to do something in an already busy day, doesn’t help to refer to them by their LAST rather than first name.
  • 16:23 Tasty treats & tea…
  • 16:45 Too many numbers. Too late in the day. Um pass. Totally pass.
  • 19:00 Happy Lithuanian Independence Day!!! Back in ye olden year of 1990…
  • 20:12 The tears have started on ANTM. Yes. Home juuuuust in time!
  • 20:12 "Code Red"? Seriously Tyra? And you guys made that last girl look like Pink!!
  • 20:33 My dog thinks she’s a rabbit. Doing mad futon laps.
  • 20:44 Tyra, how much do you love yourself? (Answer: Enough for everyone else out there…)
  • 21:17 Watching promo for next season of The Hills. Wow. Gonna be black tear central!
  • 21:33 Why do I watch The City? They’re like the poster children for the MPD and faux jobs.

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2 thoughts on “today’s bits

  1. :Waves!: I hope I followed you back on Twitter. I’m really bad about not following people I can’t recognize from their profile. I’ve had a mad rash of spam Twitterers! 🙂 Glad you came through!!

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