today’s bits

Today’s random comments, you ask? Well, let’s see…

  • 11:51 Yikes. Just learned Aruba doesn’t use the dollar. It’s the Florin? @samluterman looks like currency exchange time. Wonder how much to get?
  • 11:52 Oh wait! Phew. Take dollars but may give back change in local currency. Wonder what goes further? Need to visit Barnes & Noble to research.
  • 12:14 Ok so what’s up with Madonna showing up at @britneyspears concert last night when, ehem, I will be there tomorrow night?!?
  • 13:16 Just saw lady with dreadlocks who had them clustered at the bottom with small silver hoop earrings? So definitely missed Kodak opp.
  • 13:44 Percentage of Duane Reade in a 15 min radius with the right kind of Cadbury Mini Eggs? 25. I’m beat.
  • 14:44 Hello new followers from SheWhoBlogs! Make sure to say hello if I haven’t added you so know to. Get lots of random requests I don’t accept.
  • 15:30 Anyone have recs on apps to upload photos to Flickr and blog to Blogger with photos? Love Shozu, but ughhhh so slow!!
  • 17:33 Bl
  • 17:33 Blonde me up right, yo!
  • 18:53 Falling asleep under a sea of thin, white papers… Yaaaaaaawn.
  • 20:59 Salad has never tasted so good. Mmmmmm.
  • 22:15 George Clooney, you are one beauuuutiful man.
  • 22:25 ER is all about the man candy. Clooney AND Uncle Jessie, I mean John Stamos…
  • 23:12 Hmmm wish Dixie let me clean more. Apt’s a wreck. Oh well. Mom arrives tomorrow. Yay mom!

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